Boat rental

Boat rental on Funen - Middelfart and Nyborg

If you are organizing a fishing trip on Funen and want to rent a motorboat, we have a large selection of different boats suitable for angling. At Vestfyn Marinecenter we have boat rentals in Middelfart, Nyborg, where you can rent boats that are all perfectly suited for a fishing trip. We have many anglers from both Funen and Jutland who rent a motorboat from us when they go on a fishing trip.

On this page you can see all our rental boats, but you can click on the button 'Middelfart', 'Nyborg' if you want to see which boats are rented out in which port. If you have any questions about our boat rental on Funen or in Jutland, as well as if you need advice and guidance in relation to choosing a boat or what equipment you need to bring, you are always welcome to contact us at +45 64 41 03 45 or by mail to

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