Canopies several boat brands

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We have a lot of mixed canopies for several boat brands standing among others. Drago and Finmaster.

All the cups are full standing height and in beige or dark blue.

Drago 550, without sides, without back piece and missing 1 hanger

2 Drago 640/660, complete

Drago 22 U/Targa bar, without rear piece

Drago 22 M/ Targa hanger, without rear piece

Drago 570 complete

Drago 600 HT complete

Drago Sunday without holes

Drago 22 without sides and without back piece

1 set of Drago 22 hangers


5300 open




Sessa Keylargo 19 Bimini top

The list will be updated as we get them sorted and checked.

If you need a new canopy for your boat, give us a call and we'll see if we have it in stock

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