Atomix 600 HT






600 HT


New Zealandic

Length M:


Width M:


Depth min / max:


Hull material:


Weight kg:



80 cm.


Here is all the space needed A huge unit like Raymarine's Axiom pro 16 "can be mounted



Cabin dimensions:

1,70 in the longitudinal direction

CE approval:

3,2 and 3,3 of Directive 2013/53 / EU

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Atomix 600 HT:

The perfect boat for fishing as well as an enjoyable family trip. The Atomix 600 HT is the boat where functionality and modern design merge into a higher unity.

The deep V-hull that characterizes the Atomix family is also repeated in this model and it provides some fantastic sailing characteristics.
Here you can ask yourself, what are good sailing qualities? Well, we define that by saying, a boat that can go through waves without the hull banging in the waves, where you have a lower fuel consumption and where the steering acts promptly. Which is what we believe are good sailing characteristics, which all Atomix boats can deliver.

The designers almost have to be anglers themselves or really good at both listening to or seeing the anglers' needs. It is clear to see also on the Hardtop version, which is also a combination between a fishing boat and a family boat. It can do both.
The cockpit is perfectly protected by the Hardtop, which has a very good standing height of 1,90m. The windows are made of tempered glass and can be opened on both sides. An obvious skylight can be installed in the ceiling of the hard top, so that even on the hottest days you can get a comfortable temperature.

On both sides of the inner hull there are shelves for putting things away. You don't find that in many boats. Normally the inner hull is a straight smooth side, but this is not the case in the Atomix boats. On each side of the aft deck there is a search rail where rod holders or downriggers can be mounted

The seats in the cockpit can be turned more than 180 degrees. Which means that the seats can be turned around while trolling, so that you can sit sheltered from the wind and keep an eye on the rods astern. The seats are mounted on 2 Pedestals with gas dampers and the front part of the seat can be pushed up, so it provides support if you want to stand up and sail. In addition, it provides better space for passage if the seats are placed against each other.

The door is self-cleaning and has a non-slip coating. Under the middle of the door there is a large storage room with a drain. At the very aft, there are 2 seats that can be easily removed, so that you can get right into the corners of the boat when you need to net a fish.
In the cockpit there is room for even large electronic instruments. There can easily be the New 16 ”Axiom Pro from Raymarine.

Atomix 600 HT a boat with space

Considering the size of the boat, there is room for a spacious cabin where 2 people can sleep overnight. There is also space for a sea toilet. In the cabin there is a large skylight hatch that can also be used if you want to operate the anchor or the bow moorings. There is light in the cabin and the hatch can be locked.

If you do not want to work with ropes through the front hatch, there is good space to pass on the side of the boat in both sides of the boat's sailing direction. In particular, it should be noted that the search rail in the bow is attached to the side of the boat and not the top of the bow. It provides a much wider passage so guests with large feet do not fall over the search rail.

Finally, stop by our exhibition to see the Atomix 600 HT. Do you have questions about the model? Then you are more than welcome to call: +45 64 41 03 45 or write to us at: Is it outside our opening hours? So see more under our contact information.

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