Atomix 600 cc






600 CC


New Zealandic

Length M:


Width M:


Depth min / max:


Hull material:


Weight kg:





There is room up to and including the 9 "Axiom



CE approval:

3,2 and 3,3 of Directive 2013/53 / EU

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Atomix 600 cc

The Atomix 600 CC is the perfect solution if you want a helm boat.

The deep V-hull that characterizes the Atomix family also goes in this model again and it provides some amazing sailing properties. What are good sailing properties well we define it by saying a boat that can go through waves without the hull knocking in the waves, where you have a lower fuel consumption and where the steering responds promptly, then we think you have some good sailing properties and everyone can The Atomix boats live up to.

Around the whole boat, it is easy to get to even that you have a 10 kg salmon on the hook. The high freeboard protects everyone in the boat from wind and weather, but also so that you do not fall out of the boat at high seas. In the floor completely aft there are 2 smaller storage rooms for ropes and a large room in between with drains. The access options are superb both at the front and rear end where there are good treads and search rails to grab.

The double seat at the wheelchair has a reversible backrest so you can easily be involved in everything that happens. Under the seat there is a storage room. In the control panel itself, there is room for a 9 ”Axiom together with the rest of the engine instruments. At the bottom of the control desk there is a large storage room which is easy to get to and in front there is a built-in seat. Above the control panel can be mounted a T-Top of Aluminum with Kaleche tablecloth to protect against the sun's rays. At the very top, a large sun cushion can be purchased so you can enjoy the sunny days on the water.

Loans from NOK 0 - 500.000
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